“For organisations to change, we need to stop thinking like mechanics and to start acting like gardeners.” - Peter Senge

One of the essential capabilities of the inspirational leader is the ability to grow positive, high performance teams. The choice of the word 'grow' is a considered one. The role of the leader is one of a nurturing gardener and not that of a clinical architect. Teams are dynamic, living entities where the relationships between the members ebb and flow. 'Building' implies a mechanistic paradigm - a static situation where members are cogs in the 'machine' with set functions which when broken can be fixed or replaced.

At Adaptive Learning we take an organic and holistic approach to the growing of high performance teams. Our methodologies include developing a strong sense of team purpose and identity while also encouraging an understanding of where the team interfaces to other parts of the organisation. Understanding the nature of relationships and social dynamics is key to achieving better team and organisational performance.

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