PERFORMANCE and Organisational Success

"Profit becomes the barking dog begging to be let in." - Dee Hock

During the 1990's there was a strong focus on share price as being the all-encompassing measure of success, driven by market analysts, stockholder need for return-on-investment and executive bonus schemes. Such a focus, however, drives short-term unsustainable workplace practices and strategies, which damage long-term performance and put at risk the survival of the organisation. The push in the 'New Economy' is for long-term performance and a redefinition of 'success' which embodies sustainability. This requires a balanced measurement scorecard that includes intangible assets as well as financial ones. In all but highly competitive commodity markets, the new definition of performance must also include the (ongoing & future) ability to change, innovate, retain and develop talent, build positive cultures and create meaning and purpose over and above 'we exist to make money'.

It has always been true that people are the backbone of performance in any organisation, and this remains the case. History tells us that the industrial revolution was based on cheap physical labour and the technological revolution on the knowledge and skills of experts. However, Adaptive Learning believes that the trends inherent in the New Economy point to a new understanding of people leadership which taps not only these physical and mental energies, but also the boundless spirit of humanity, accessible only when people truly believe in what they are doing.

The consultants at Adaptive Learning and our associates can present a holistic approach to performance and success based on current research into the linkages between leadership, culture, attitude, motivation and such performance factors as productivity, customer services, talent retention and reduced absenteeism and sick leave.