“Managers change processes and systems; Leaders challenge assumptions, ideas and attitudes.”
             - Lee Ginsberg (Surviving Success: Killing the Corporate Dinosaur)

Leadership is has been a hot topic for well over 25 years. It has been described as a talent, a trait, a series of behaviours and a process. Born, made, nature or nurture, function or form, however defined, there is a spectrum of attributes and activities which occur in organizations that differentiate between the role of a leader and that of a manager. Both are required, both defy exact definition.

We are particularly interested in "leadership" (however it is defined) as an entry point for organizational change and the evolution of enabling, engaging and empowering workplaces. It is generally agreed that traditional heavily boss-focused, compliant and dependency creating organizations cannot access the diversity, adaptability and "discretionary energy" of the workforce and thus will not survive the turbulence of the new millennium for long. We must find new ways to engage and new ways to lead. (One recent and productive avenue is to view leadership as an emergent property of relationships.)

As our understanding of leadership grows so do the techniques and frameworks for explaining the employee-leader relationship. Adaptive Learning has recently developed an integrated "three-journey" model which provides a framework for personal, leadership and organizational maturity, leading to higher performance and success. (When you get the chance, ask us about this!)

Adaptive Learning offers practical workshops and individual coaching which look at leadership from many angles. Our Leadership in Action program (using the Action Learning methodology of Reg Revens), for example, runs over a number of months and while solving a specific workplace issues seeks to improve the leadership capabilities of the selected group of participants. Other one-off workshops can be constructed about Leadership and values; building a culture; emotional intelligence; global trends, leading for high performance and leading transformational change

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Leadership Links:             
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