"Only when we are comfortable in our own skins will we be of much use to anyone else." - Charles Handy, The Hungry Spirit
"You cannot not communicate" Neurolinguistic Programming precept

Like it or not, we are communal creatures, integrally involved in social relationships at home and at work. With any social system comes the opportunity to interact with others, influence and be influenced in return. Understanding the dynamics of social interactions is an important component of creating mutually beneficial, interdependent workplaces, which work for everybody.

Adaptive Learning has developed insights into Influence both as a psychology and practice. For individuals (especially leaders) we need to understand firstly ourselves, and then how we "resonate" to others. This goes beyond what we say, to how we say it, what we don't say and our physical presence (including body language & microrhythms) when interacting with others. We cannot NOT communicate. What we do, don't do, say, don't say - are interpreted by others as forms of communication and influence.

Another key component of our "Influencing" workshops is knowing the methods other people use to manipulate us. Being knowledgeable and mindful is the first defence against questionable practices which serve to disempower the individual. Learning "the secrets of the darkside" is essential to freedom of choice.

"Not only do we as individuals get locked into single-minded views, but we also reinforce these views for each other until the culture itself suffers the same mindlessness.
In the perspective of every person lies a lens through which we may better understand ourselves" Ellen J. Langer