“What do consultants do when they see the light at the end of the tunnel? Order more tunnel.” - anon.
“How many times can you flog a dead horse? Just one more time.” - anon.

Adaptive Learning is not a typical business consultancy, nor wants to be such. Consultancies tend to be self serving and draw heavily off the resources of their clients. Adaptive Learning positions itself as a critical friend, helping you develop the skills and knowledge, tips and tools to solve your own problems and facilitate the release of your own potential.

Having said this we find nothing more rewarding than forming long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with you and your people. We have no silver bullets, no set programmes, no seven habits of this or five secrets of that. We just have practical frameworks, models and workshop elements which make sense and make a difference.

We work with you (your leaders & employees) to build your own material and move forward at a pace you can sustain. Finding out what you need (rather than what you want) is just the beginning...