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Viktor E. Frankl - "Man's Search for Meaning", Beacon press, Boston, 2006 (ISBN 978-0-8070-1429-5)

A republishing of Frankl's classic work with a new forward by Harold S. Kushner.

Despite the graphic details of life and death in the Nazi concentration camps, this book is paradoxically one of positivity and hope. Even in the worst of all possible situations, the spirit of people shines through. This is Frankl's message which he embodied into the Psychological practices of Logotherapy: human beings are complete and embrace wellbeing when they discover the significance of their lives, be this through the achievements they make (the legacy they leave) or the service they give to others.

I challenge anyone not to be moved by Frankl's harrowing but uplifting tale of one man's search for meaning in a world suffused with pain and suffering.

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