The following are only a small selection of articles that have been written over a number a years and form a body of knowledge about diverse organisational issues and topics. Please feel free to browse at will. Return often for further thoughts and updates. A complete list of publications can be obtained by contacting the author.

Downloadable Articles:

Monologue Series:
Random samples from over 250 scripts written for ABC national radio broadcast since 2002. Contact us if you want more.
Some are available as 5MB MP3 audio feed.
  • Open Space Technology
  • Growing High Performance Teams
  • Creativity and Exercise
  • Small World Theory
  • Playing P.E.A.Nut
  • Turf Wars - The Territorial Imperitive
  • Sea Squirts & Organisations
  • The Wisdom of Crowds
  • Why do you want to innovate?
  • Reassessing Wealth
  • Upgrade Your Mind
  • The Art of Doing Nothing

    Keynote Series:
    We don't often write up our keynote (PowerPoint) presentations, but if we do, you'll find them here.
  • On Strategy, Culture & Leadership
  • Creative Leadership & Cultural Change (Part I)
  • 21st Century Leadership - A journey

    Workshop Series:
    Again, we tend not to create fixed workshop 'packages', but here are some that have found it into to written form.
  • Leadership in Action

    Strange Fruit:
    Some 'experimental' works which might hit a cord, then again they might not.
  • Efficiency and Performance
  • Management-Leadership task audit
  • Organisational Mental Model Exercise
  • Engagement in the Workplace
  • Spiral Dynamics reframed
  • Concentric Man - A Summary
  • Performance balancing act
  • Learning and Identity - a creative tension

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    We will be pleased to correct any attributions (mistakes in authorship) or references if they are brought to our attention.